Guided Tour

Hello and Welcome to the Arctic Fox Centre!

So you are interested in giving your guests an educational and fun guided tour of our exhibition, great!

With this package you will get:

Entertaining and educational guided tour of our exhibition from one of our great staff members (English or Icelandic spoken)

and costs:

kr. 750.- per person for a minimum of 10 guests (excluding driver/guide)

You can book this tour for any time of the day, although mid-morning and mid-afternoon are buseist so make sure you book early for those times.

We can take up to 60 people per group, although this will involve splitting the group into 2, one receiving the tour, whilst the other enjoys a short documentary in our loft and then vice versa.

The tour of the musuem is around 20 minutes long, although can be shortened or extended to suit your schedule.
We can also arrange a walking tour of the town at an additional cost, where we explain the towns history, starting from the first ever whaling station in Iceland, through the terrrible avalanche and moving of the village, upto the modern day.

We have 2 toilets on site, as well as an outside patio area.

To book this please contact Midge or Jónas on 0354 456 4922 or

We look foreward to seeing you!